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Me (in Nightcore)
It took me a while to realize that this might be art.  It is actually a playlist of songs that, I believe, sum up most of me at the moment i made the playlist.  I do not own, and did not make, any of these songs.  The link will take you to youtube.  The more interusting ones are toward the end, I think.
The link to the playlist is in the description.
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 1 1
The paths diverge
I blink.
In that moment, the world shatters into a million pieces around me,
Little shards of time flying everywhere.
As my eyes open, I see them coalesce, forming two paths
I do not, cannot, know what these paths lead to, or how they get there
I just know that there is a parting of the ways, and it is coming
It is here
It is now
(Time stops as I burst into action)
These two paths, separated by such a small action
(Moving, moving so slowly, will I make it?)
I see where the paths end now, both end in death
But I knew that already, but I see one, it ends so much sooner
(I have to make it)
This parting of the ways, it is determined in a split second
One moment, I know nothing, everything is in the norm
The next... the instant will be past
I turn, my jacket flaring out around me,
I react
I have made it... until the next time
the next time the path splits
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 3 39
No man is an Island...
No man is an Island...
Or so they say.
Sometimes I wonder, is this true?
Let us see
I look, and I see
those around me
And it seems they are far luckier than I
For they all have someone to stand by
Whats the saying?  "Everyone has someone to hold"
Except me?  O my sorrows untold
Here, it seems I am an Island
With no way to escape at hand
I look, and I see
those around me
And it seems they are far luckier than I
For they all have-
Wait, what am I doing?
I look, and I see
those around me
They are friends, allied
Always there to take my side
She laughs, we smile
I know I'll stay here awhile
Here, it seems I still am an Island
But with others clustered around me, we form a merry band
I look, and I see
those around me
To these I bare my heart my soul
As we talk and take a stroll
I talk, they nod
Here we know there is no facade
Here I am an Island no more
I dont find romance to be a chore
And through it all, God presides
As he hints, nudges and guides
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 3 52
Another Architecture assignmen by ChristianWarrior713 Another Architecture assignmen :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 0 Another Architecture assignmen by ChristianWarrior713 Another Architecture assignmen :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 2 Sketch of Sydney Opera House by ChristianWarrior713 Sketch of Sydney Opera House :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 9 Flying Fortress by ChristianWarrior713 Flying Fortress :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 8 Fibonacci Cubes by ChristianWarrior713 Fibonacci Cubes :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 1 40
CDC, what does it mean to me?
They are the ones that get me out of my dorm,
They are my second family, my home away from home,
They always have my back, weather zombies are involved or not,
They tell me what I'm doing wrong, and tell me how to fix it,
They keep me on the path, the one that is straight and narrow,
They build me up in faith, and keep away the devil,
They give me confidence, both in others and myself,
They put me out of the familiar, and show me what I had been missing,
They are there, through the laughter and the tears,
They give me good times and help me through the bad,
They can offer advice, and I will always accept it,
They are my friends, my crazy friends,
They are the CDC!
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 115
Full HvZ load out by ChristianWarrior713 Full HvZ load out :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 10 Dagger by ChristianWarrior713 Dagger :iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 10
My Dream
I brushed my teeth, told my parents goodnight, did my devotional, and finally went to bed. Then... I had a beautiful dream.
I was in some sort of park. The weird part was that I could open my eyes enough to see, something that almost never happens in my dreams. I wandered around the park, feeling a bit lonely and watching young children play, when I saw her.
I've had a crush on her since the first semester of my freshman year, and I have recently graduated from high school. I know, it is sort of pathetic. Then on the orchestra trip to New York, we had shared a table at senior night and were now friendly acquaintances. But, she was here now. I went up to her, and we started talking.
Now we wandered around the park together. I don't know what we talked about, or what we did, simply that we were comfortable in each other's presence. When the currents of people in the park separated us, we looked until we found each other. When it was time to go, I gave her a ride to my house and we talked
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 1 5
Light Bringers Prologue
Martin started as the loud gong sounded.  He then glanced over the top of his half-cubicle at the rest of the office.  None of the others seemed to have heard it.
No, Martin thought, they can't have found me, not after all this time!
He gathered his things and, trying to appear calm, walked toward the elevator.  It was close enough to the end of the workday that nobody thought anything of it.  Once alone in the elevator, he reached into a pocket on the inside of his shirt and pulled out a small red stone.  He looked at it for a second; transfixed by the way the lines of fire-red light shot through it, then clutched it tightly in his right hand.  He would need it soon.
Once in the garage he walked past his car, it was useless to him now.  This was because the gong he had heard was the result of the one successful time spell he had ever cast.  It simply warned him, 30 minutes in advance, when a user of
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 0 0
Warzone 2500 Ch. 4
Somewhere underground, in an office.
Kingsley sat at a desk filled with technical recommendations, AI research, and high-level calculations. Around him stood fifteen of the worlds most brilliant AI programmers and researchers, waiting for him to decide what to do. For several long minutes they were all completely silent as Kingsley was lost in deep thought. Finally, Kingsley made his decision.
"Activate it, and do two things immediately after it starts accepting sensory input for processing. First, tell it to power up the four anti-missile lasers and prep them for nukes, then, ask it what its name is. If it devotes only a small amount of processing power to the question before answering, than it is not the true thing, but if that question intrigues it and it pulls a large amount of processing power away from its primary task, than notify me at once. Either way, give me a status report no less than thirty minutes after you activate it. Am I understood?"
As he talked, the programmers had
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 2 0
Warzone 2500 Ch. 3
September 8th, 2010
James Martin High School
Third Period, B-day
As I walked in to my physics class with Sean, I looked for Mr. Atman, our teacher. He is, well, a little big, and pretty hard to miss, so I saw right away that he was not there. Instead, I saw Mrs. Ku, one of the school substitutes. A small woman, shorter than me, and most other students, she was Korean and had a very heavy accent. Most of the time, I could just barely understand her.
As the bell rang, Mrs. Ku yelled, "Okey eveeone, gat to youre seets!" We went to our seats, anticipating a free day. "Mr. Atman is no her todey, so we gona watch Presedent on TV." I had forgotten that today was the day that Obama gave his indoctrination speech to all kids in grades K-12. How does he expect the teachers to use their valuable time watching him instead of teaching anyway? I pondered that for a minute, but then Mrs. Ku interrupted my thoughts. "You cen watch heem or no, just no breake anething."
As she turned the TV on and start
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 1 0
Warzone 2500 Ch. 2
August 8, 2009
En route from UT to a house close to Martin High school, closer to UT
"Turn in 0.1 miles… 500 feet… 200 feet… 50 feet… turn now," a monotonous female voice instructed. I turned onto the highway. "Turn in 117 miles." I looked up at the GPS system in despair. One hundred and seventeen miles of staying in a lane, and I couldn't even use cruise control? Even after that turn, we would still have quite a ways to go, and I had gotten bored fifty miles ago. I can't wait until I am done with high school and can actually go to one of these colleges, I thought. The colleges fascinated me in a way that was hard to explain, but a good part of it was how they fit almost everything necessary for a normal life-stores, movie theaters, etc.-onto a campus that was primarily taken up by buildings devoted to either education or housing. If I went away to college, I wouldn't even need to take my car; everything I needed was on campus. And if what I needed wasn't on campus,
:iconchristianwarrior713:ChristianWarrior713 1 11


God King t-shirt by ChaosModifier God King t-shirt :iconchaosmodifier:ChaosModifier 43 29
Mistborn Fanfic, Elend's Fall
Vin skidded to a halt on the mist-wetted cobbles and flared pewter for a second to steady herself, she glanced around with her tin-enhanced eyes and pouted in impatience. She adjusted her mistcloak around her and was just about to take her knives from their sheathes to check them when she heard the thump of someone landing on the ground. Turning around she saw Elend rising from a crouch and dropped a coin, propelling herself into the air before the new mistborn could take a breath. Jumping lightly over the low rooftops of the skaa apartment buildings of Luthadel she chanced a look behind her and saw Elend struggling to keep up with determination on his chiselled face. She maintained her speed and chose some more complicated routes over the rooftops to give him a proper workout until she reached the city wall and steel-pushed a belt at Elend as he continued to jump towards her. He caught the belt with a grunt and finally landed on the rooftops, his knees were shaking and his legs were w
:iconscaryfairyprincess:ScaryFairyPrincess 4 1
Mistborn Chibi! by DJohnson22 Mistborn Chibi! :icondjohnson22:DJohnson22 4 0 Dr. Fourth and Vin by Racnos Dr. Fourth and Vin :iconracnos:Racnos 7 3 Vin in Mist with Koloss by Zlurpo Vin in Mist with Koloss :iconzlurpo:Zlurpo 30 3 When You're Alone, No One Can Betray You by oOoXylaoOo When You're Alone, No One Can Betray You :iconoooxylaooo:oOoXylaoOo 27 11 keep venture by TweedVest keep venture :icontweedvest:TweedVest 43 15 Vin's melancholy by axt234 Vin's melancholy :iconaxt234:axt234 36 4 Shan Elariel sketches by Journie Shan Elariel sketches :iconjournie:Journie 32 6 Mist-ception by elfqueenvik Mist-ception :iconelfqueenvik:elfqueenvik 10 2 Lady Valette Renoux by Journie Lady Valette Renoux :iconjournie:Journie 59 7 Pewter Gate by Kessant Pewter Gate :iconkessant:Kessant 91 8 Two Worlds by RohanElf Two Worlds :iconrohanelf:RohanElf 61 6 Vin Triumphant by Variis Vin Triumphant :iconvariis:Variis 29 18 'Ash Fell from the Sky' by punker--rocker 'Ash Fell from the Sky' :iconpunker--rocker:punker--rocker 53 36


So I logged in today and my last journal entry was from my last birthday... and I just had another one.  21 now (5 and 1/4 birthdays).  Still doing alright.  New story idea slowly moving around in the back of my head, haven't written to much of it down yet.  Hope everyone is still doing fine.
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